G20 Global Marine Environment Protection (GMEP) Initiative

On Sharing Best Practices to Protect the Marine Environment, to Prevent Accidents related to Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration and Development, as well as Marine Transportation, and to Deal with Their Consequences

United Kingdom

Offshore oil and gas exploration and development and marine transportation has been undertaken in the waters around the United Kingdom since the 1960s. The experience gained from these activities - in some of the most challenging conditions in the world - has led to a highly developed health, safety and environmental regime and working culture. It is hoped that the material available here will help others to identify areas of best practices applicable to their own waters.

  • Accident Prevention

    Included here are descriptions of frameworks, regulations, guidelines and practices that the different G20 countries have found helpful in preventing, preparing for and dealing with the consequences of offshore oil and gas accidents.

  • Oil Spill Response

    Material covering the regulatory, operational and environmental context of managing a marine oil spill. Includes material on capping devices and industry mutual response.

  • Environmental Protection

    Covering best practices approaches to the understanding of the marine environment and for planning oil and gas projects and activities in a manner that eliminates or mitigates their impact on the environment.

  • Human Factors

    Best practices relating to human behaviours, culture and training and their criticality to protecting the marine environment.


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