G20 Global Marine Environment Protection (GMEP) Initiative

On Sharing Best Practices to Protect the Marine Environment, to Prevent Accidents related to Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration and Development, as well as Marine Transportation, and to Deal with Their Consequences

About the GMEP Initiative

The Global Marine Environment Protection (GMEP) Initiative is a best practices sharing mechanism that was prompted by several high profile offshore drilling accidents. GMEP was conceived by the G20 Leaders at the Toronto Summit in 2010 to protect the marine environment.

Prompted by several high profile offshore drilling accidents, G20 Leaders took the initiative in 2010 to create the Global Marine Environment Protection (GMEP) Working Group comprised of G20 countries and international organisations.

Its mandate is to “share best practices to protect the marine environment, to prevent accidents related to offshore exploration and development, as well as marine transportation, and to deal with their consequences.”

As a result of recent offshore accidents, countries have reviewed their offshore drilling regulations with an eye towards ensuring that oil and gas companies have adequate resources to prevent and respond to drilling accidents that may lead to significant marine pollution.

In his speech at the G20 Toronto Summit, President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, announced that, “the proposal is to establish an international mechanism for preventing and liquidating these kind of offshore accidents and protecting the marine environment in general”.


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